SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing - Contents

Volume 20, Number 6, November 1999

Convergence Rates for Uniform B-Spline Density Estimators Part I: One Dimension
Richard A. Redner
(Pages 1929 - 1953)

Implementing the Parallel Quasi-Laguerre's Algorithm for Symmetric Tridiagonal Eigenproblems
T. Y. Li, Xiulin Zou
(Pages 1954 - 1963)

A Nonlinear Primal-Dual Method for Total Variation-Based Image Restoration
Tony F. Chan, Gene H. Golub, Pep Mulet
(Pages 1964 - 1977)

A Study of Monitor Functions for Two-Dimensional Adaptive Mesh Generation
Weiming Cao, Weizhang Huang, Robert D. Russell
(Pages 1978 - 1994)

An Algorithm for Assembling Overlapping Grid Systems
N. Anders Petersson
(Pages 1995 - 2022)

A Parallel Algorithm for Mesh Smoothing
Lori Freitag, Mark Jones, Paul Plassmann
(Pages 2023 - 2040)

Unstructured Additive Schwarz--Conjugate Gradient Method for Elliptic Problems with Highly Discontinuous Coefficients
I. G. Graham, M. J. Hagger
(Pages 2041 - 2066)

Volume 20, Number 5, September 1999

Hybrid Gauss-Trapezoidal Quadrature Rules
Bradley K. Alpert
(Pages 1551 - 1584)

Simulations of Acoustic Wave Phenomena Using High-Order Finite Difference Approximations
Bo Strand
(Pages 1585 - 1604)

Adaptive Finite Elements for Elastic Bodies in Contact
C. Carstensen, O. Scherf, P. Wriggers
(Pages 1605 - 1626)

The Homotopy Continuation Algorithm for the Real Nonsymmetric Eigenproblem: Further Development and Implementation
T. Y. Li, Zhonggang Zeng
(Pages 1627 - 1651)

Orderings for Incomplete Factorization Preconditioning of Nonsymmetric Problems
Michele Benzi, Daniel B. Szyld, Arno van Duin
(Pages 1652 - 1670)

Basis Functions for Triangular and Quadrilateral High-Order Elements
T. C. Warburton, S. J. Sherwin, G. E. Karniadakis
(Pages 1671 - 1695)

A Numerical Method for Kinetic Semiconductor Equations in the Drift-Diffusion Limit
Axel Klar
(Pages 1696 - 1712)

A Domain Decomposition Method for the Helmholtz Equation in a Multilayer Domain
Elisabeth Larsson
(Pages 1713 - 1731)

C1 Convexity-Preserving Interpolation of Scattered Data
N. K. Leung, R. J. Renka
(Pages 1732 - 1752)

Numerical Approximation of Optimal Flow Control Problems by a Penalty Method: Error Estimates and Numerical Results
L. S. Hou, S. S. Ravindran
(Pages 1753 - 1777)

A Parallel Fast Direct Solver for Block Tridiagonal Systems with Separable Matrices of Arbitrary Dimension
Tuomo Rossi, Jari Toivanen
(Pages 1778 - 1793)

A Distillation Algorithm for Floating-Point Summation
I. J. Anderson
(Pages 1797 - 1806)

On the Additive Version of the Algebraic Multilevel Iteration Method for Anisotropic Elliptic Problems
Owe Axelsson, Alexander Padiy
(Pages 1807 - 1830)

Fast CG-Based Methods for Tikhonov--Phillips Regularization
Andreas Frommer, Peter Maass
(Pages 1831 - 1850)

Steady and Unsteady Shock Waves on Overlapping Grids
Zi-Niu Wu
(Pages 1851 - 1874)

The Finite Element Approximation of Semilinear Elliptic Partial Differential Equations with Critical Exponents in the Cube
C. J. Budd, A. R. Humphries, A. J. Wathen
(Pages 1875 - 1904)

Front Tracking Simulations of Ion Deposition and Resputtering
J. Glimm, S. R. Simanca, D. Tan, F. M. Tangerman, G.
(Pages 1905 - 1920)

Computing the Smallest Eigenpair of a Symmetric Positive Definite Toeplitz Matrix
Nicola Mastronardi, Daniel Boley
(Pages 1921 - 1927)

Volume 20, Number 4, July 1999

An Efficient, Interface-Preserving Level Set Redistancing Algorithm and Its Application to Interfacial Incompressible Fluid Flow
Mark Sussman, Emad Fatemi
(Pages 1165 - 1191)

Fast Algorithms for Periodic Spline Wavelets on Sparse Grids
Kai Bittner
(Pages 1192 - 1213)

A Fast Multilevel Algorithm for the Solution of Nonlinear Systems of Conductive-Radiative Heat Transfer Equations in Two Space Dimensions
J. M. Banoczi, C. T. Kelley
(Pages 1214 - 1228)

A Vortex-Grid Method for Prandtl's Equations
Gabriella Puppo
(Pages 1229 - 1251)

Domain Deformation Mapping: Application to Variational Mesh Generation
Valmor F. de Almeida
(Pages 1252 - 1275)

Fitting Data with Errors in All Variables Using the Huber M-estimator
Damaris Hermey, G. Alistair Watson
(Pages 1276 - 1298)

Preconditioning for the Steady-State Navier--Stokes Equations with Low Viscosity
Howard C. Elman
(Pages 1299 - 1316)

A Gas-Kinetic Scheme for the Euler Equations with Heat Transfer
Kun Xu
(Pages 1317 - 1335)

The QLP Approximation to the Singular Value Decomposition
G. W. Stewart
(Pages 1336 - 1348)

The Incomplete Factorization Multigraph Algorithm
Randolph E. Bank, R. Kent Smith
(Pages 1349 - 1364)

The Fringe Region Technique and the Fourier Method Used in the Direct Numerical Simulation of Spatially Evolving Viscous Flows
Jan Nordström, Niklas Nordin, Dan Henningson
(Pages 1365 - 1393)

Solving Composite Problems with Interface Relaxation
Mo Mu
(Pages 1394 - 1416)

Fast Calculation of Multiple Line Integrals
A. Brandt, J. Dym
(Pages 1417 - 1429)

The Efficient Computation of Structured Gradients using Automatic Differentiation
Thomas F. Coleman, Gudbjorn F. Jonsson
(Pages 1430 - 1437)

Efficient Spectral-Galerkin Methods IV. Spherical Geometries
Jie Shen
(Pages 1438 - 1455)

A Second-Order Rosenbrock Method Applied to Photochemical Dispersion Problems
J. G. Verwer, E. J. Spee, J. G. Blom, W. Hundsdorfer
(Pages 1456 - 1480)

Riemann Invariant Manifolds for the Multidimensional Euler Equations
Tasso Lappas, Anthony Leonard, Paul E. Dimotakis
(Pages 1481 - 1512)

Importance of Convection and Damping on Rates of Convergence for the Lax--Wendroff Method
Joseph Kolibal
(Pages 1513 - 1529)

Compatible Spectral Approximations for the Velocity-Pressure-Stress Formulation of the Stokes Problem
M. I. Gerritsma, T. N. Phillips
(Pages 1530 - 1550)

Volume 20, Number 3, May 1999

Asymptotic Solution of Stiff PDEs with the CSP Method: The Reaction Diffusion Equation
M. Hadjinicolaou, D. A. Goussis
(Pages 781 - 810)

An Adaptive Grid Method and Its Application to Steady Euler Flow Calculations
Feng Liu, Shanhong Ji, Guojun Liao
(Pages 811 - 825)

Kinetical-Consistent Algorithms for Simulation of Reactive Flows
Ludwig W. Dorodnicyn
(Pages 826 - 843)

Generalized projection pursuit regression
Ole C. Lingjćrde, Knut Liestřl
(Pages 844 - 857)

A Numerical Study of the Axisymmetric Couette--Taylor Problem Using a Fast High-Resolution Second-Order Central Scheme
Raz Kupferman
(Pages 858 - 877)

Issues Related to Least-Squares Finite Element Methods for the Stokes Equations
Jennifer M. Deang, Max D. Gunzburger
(Pages 878 - 906)

Antidiffusive Velocities for Multipass Donor Cell Advection
Len Margolin, Piotr K. Smolarkiewicz
(Pages 907 - 929)

Long-Time-Step Methods for Oscillatory Differential Equations
B. García-Archilla, J. M. Sanz-Serna, R. D. Skeel
(Pages 930 - 963)

A Parallel Algorithm to Evaluate Chebyshev Series on a Message Passing Environment
Roberto Barrio, Javier Sabadell
(Pages 964 - 969)

A Mixed Finite Element--Finite Volume Formulation of the Black-Oil Model
Luca Bergamaschi, Stefano Mantica, Gianmarco Manzini
(Pages 970 - 997)

Moving Mesh Strategy Based on a Gradient Flow Equation for Two-Dimensional Problems
Weizhang Huang, Robert D. Russell
(Pages 998 - 1015)

A Robust, Parallel Homotopy Algorithm for the Symmetric Tridiagonal Eigenproblem
Michael H. Oettli
(Pages 1016 - 1032)

Waveform Inversion of Reflection Seismic Data for Kinematic Parameters by Local Optimization
René-Edouard Plessix, Yann-Hervé De Roeck, Guy
(Pages 1033 - 1052)

Multiresolution Based on Weighted Averages of the Hat Function II: Nonlinear Reconstruction Techniques
Francesc Arŕndiga, Rosa Donat, Ami Harten
(Pages 1053 - 1093)

The Future Fast Fourier Transform?
Alan Edelman, Peter McCorquodale, Sivan Toledo
(Pages 1094 - 1114)

Uniformly Accurate Finite Difference Schemes for p-Refinement
Lei Tang, James D. Baeder
(Pages 1115 - 1131)

Toward an Efficient Parallel Eigensolver for Dense Symmetric Matrices
Bruce Hendrickson, Elizabeth Jessup, Christopher
(Pages 1132 - 1154)

Efficient Solution Of The Rank-Deficient Linear Least Squares Problem
Gregorio Quintana-Ortí, Enrique S. Quintana-Ortí,
Antoine Petitet
(Pages 1155 - 1163)

Volume 20, Number 2, March 1999

Coarsening Strategies for Unstructured Multigrid Techniques with Application to Anisotropic Problems
E. Morano, D. J. Mavriplis, V. Venkatakrishnan
(Pages 393 - 415)

Structure Preservation for Constrained Dynamics with Super Partitioned Additive Runge--Kutta Methods
Laurent O. Jay
(Pages 416 - 446)

A Successive Linear Programming Approach for Initialization and Reinitialization after Discontinuities of Differential-Algebraic Equations
Vipin Gopal, Lorenz T. Biegler
(Pages 447 - 467)

Improving the Run Time and Quality of Nested Dissection Ordering
Bruce Hendrickson, Edward Rothberg
(Pages 468 - 489)

Stabilizing the Hierarchical Basis by Approximate Wavelets II: Implementation and Numerical Results
Panayot S. Vassilevski, Junping Wang
(Pages 490 - 514)

Matrix-Dependent Multigrid Homogenization for Diffusion Problems
S. Knapek
(Pages 515 - 533)

A Jacobi Waveform Relaxation Method for ODEs
J. Sand, K. Burrage
(Pages 534 - 552)

Efficiency, Scalability, and Robustness of Parallel Multilevel Methods for Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations
Bodo Heise, Michael Jung
(Pages 553 - 567)

Preserving Symmetry in Preconditioned Krylov Subspace Methods
T. F. Chan, E. Chow, Y. Saad, M. C. Yeung
(Pages 568 - 581)

Sobolev Gradients and the Ginzburg--Landau Functional
J. W. Neuberger, R. J. Renka
(Pages 582 - 590)

On the Solution of Convection-Diffusion Boundary Value Problems Using Equidistributed Grids
C. J. Budd, G. P. Koomullil, A. M. Stuart
(Pages 591 - 618)

Numerical Implementation of a Space-Transformation Approach for Solving the Three-Dimensional Flow Equation
Dionissios T. Hristopulos, George Christakos, and Marc
(Pages 619 - 647)

Numerical Calculation of Three-Dimensional Interfacial Potential Flows Using the Point Vortex Method
David J. Haroldsen, Daniel I. Meiron
(Pages 648 - 683)

On a Class of Preconditioning Methods for Dense Linear Systems from Boundary Elements
Ke Chen
(Pages 684 - 698)

Generalized Gaussian Quadratures and Singular Value Decompositions of Integral Operators
N. Yarvin, V. Rokhlin
(Pages 699 - 718)

Stability of Moving Mesh Systems of Partial Differential Equations
Shengtai Li, Linda Petzold, Yuhe Ren
(Pages 719 - 738)

Iterative Substructuring for Hypersingular Integral Equations in $\Bbb R^3$%
Norbert Heuer, Ernst P. Stephan
(Pages 739 - 749)

Adaptive Mesh Refinement and Front-Tracking for Shear Bands in an Antiplane Shear Model
F. Xabier Garaizar, John Trangenstein
(Pages 750 - 779)

Volume 20, Number 1, January 1999

Numerical Solution of the Stationary Navier--Stokes Equations Using a Multilevel Finite Element Method
W. Layton, H. K. Lee, J. Peterson
(Pages 1 - 12)

Approximation of the Wave and Electromagnetic Diffusion Equations by Spectral Method
F. Ben Belgacem, M. Grundmann
(Pages 13 - 32)

Atomic Decomposition by Basis Pursuit
Scott Shaobing Chen, David L. Donoho, Michael A.
(Pages 33 - 61)

A Stable Penalty Method for the Compressible Navier--Stokes Equations: III. Multidimensional Domain Decomposition Schemes
J. S. Hesthaven
(Pages 62 - 93)

Jacobi--Davidson Style QR and QZ Algorithms for the Reduction of Matrix Pencils
Diederik R. Fokkema, Gerard L. G. Sleijpen, Henk A. Van
der Vorst
(Pages 94 - 125)

Numerical Methods for Finding Clustersolutions of Optimal Control Problems
Luhan Chuang, I. Norman Katz
(Pages 126 - 147)

Pseudospectral vs. Finite Difference Methods for Initial Value Problems with Discontinuous Coefficient
Erding Luo, Heinz-Otto Kreiss
(Pages 148 - 163)

Spatial Invasion of Pine Beetles into Lodgepole Forests: A Numerical Approach
Peter White, James Powell
(Pages 164 - 184)

Stage Value Predictors and Efficient Newton Iterations in Implicit Runge--Kutta Methods
Hans Olsson, Gustaf Söderlind
(Pages 185 - 202)

The Lack of Influence of the Right-Hand Side on the Accuracy of Linear System Solution
J. M. Banoczi, Nan-Chieh Chiu, Grace E. Cho, Ilse C. F.
(Pages 203 - 227)

A Semicoarsening Multigrid Method for Elliptic Partial Differential Equations with Highly Discontinuous and Anisotropic Coefficients
Steve Schaffer
(Pages 228 - 242)

Adaptively Preconditioned GMRES Algorithms
J. Baglama, D. Calvetti, G. H. Golub, L. Reichel
(Pages 243 - 269)

Algorithms for Model-Based Gaussian Hierarchical Clustering
Chris Fraley
(Pages 270 - 281)

A Trust Region Method for Nonlinear Programming Based on Primal Interior-Point Techniques
Todd Plantenga
(Pages 282 - 305)

Calculating Laplace Transforms in Terms of the Toda Molecule
Yoshimasa Nakamura
(Pages 306 - 317)

An Integral Equation Approach to the Incompressible Navier--Stokes Equations in Two Dimensions
Leslie Greengard, Mary Catherine Kropinski
(Pages 318 - 336)

Parallel Hierarchical Solvers and Preconditioners for Boundary Element Methods
Ananth Grama, Vipin Kumar, Ahmed Sameh
(Pages 337 - 358)

A Fast and High Quality Multilevel Scheme for Partitioning Irregular Graphs
George Karypis, Vipin Kumar
(Pages 359 - 392)

Volume 19, Number 6, December 1998

MINRES and MINERR Are Better than SYMMLQ in Eigenpair Computations
Franciszek A. Dul
(Pages 1767 - 1782)

Numerical Conformal Mapping Using Cross-Ratios and Delaunay Triangulation
Tobin A. Driscoll, Stephen A. Vavasis
(Pages 1783 - 1803)

An Improved Fast Multipole Algorithm for Potential Fields
Tomasz Hrycak, Vladimir Rokhlin
(Pages 1804 - 1826)

A High-Order Iterative Implicit-Explicit Hybrid Scheme for Magnetohydrodynamics
Wenlong Dai, Paul R. Woodward
(Pages 1827 - 1846)

Optimal Control of Thermally Convected Fluid Flows
K. Ito, S. S. Ravindran
(Pages 1847 - 1869)

Robustness of an Elementwise Parallel Finite Element Method for Convection-Diffusion Problems
W. J. Layton, J. M. Maubach, P. J. Rabier
(Pages 1870 - 1891)

Nonoscillatory Central Schemes for Multidimensional Hyperbolic Conservation Laws
Guang-Shan Jiang, Eitan Tadmor
(Pages 1892 - 1917)

Iterative Solution of Cyclically Reduced Systems Arising from Discretization of the Three-Dimensional Convection-Diffusion Equation
Chen Greif, James Varah
(Pages 1918 - 1940)

Preconditioned Mixed Spectral Element Methods for Elasticity and Stokes Problems
Luca F. Pavarino
(Pages 1941 - 1957)

First-Order System Least Squares (FOSLS) for Convection-Diffusion Problems: Numerical Results
J. M. Fiard, T. A. Manteuffel, S. F. McCormick
(Pages 1958 - 1979)

A Wavelet-Optimized, Very High Order Adaptive Grid and Order Numerical Method
Leland Jameson
(Pages 1980 - 2013)

Space-Time Continuous Analysis of Waveform Relaxation for the Heat Equation
Martin J. Gander, Andrew M. Stuart
(Pages 2014 - 2031)

Asymptotic-Induced Domain Decomposition Methods for Kinetic and Drift Diffusion Semiconductor Equations
Axel Klar
(Pages 2032 - 2050)

A Solution-Based Triangular and Tetrahedral Mesh Quality Indicator
M. Berzins
(Pages 2051 - 2060)

The Perfectly Matched Layer in Curvilinear Coordinates
Francis Collino, Peter Monk
(Pages 2061 - 2090)

Geometric Mesh Partitioning: Implementation and Experiments
John R. Gilbert, Gary L. Miller, Shang-Hua Teng
(Pages 2091 - 2110)

Volume 19, Number 5, September 1998

Linear Bicharacteristic Schemes Without Dissipation
Philip Roe
(Pages 1405 - 1427)

Fast Evaluation of Radial Basis Functions: Moment-Based Methods
R. K. Beatson, G. N. Newsam
(Pages 1428 - 1449)

An Iterative Scheme for Dense, Complex-Symmetric, Linear Systems in Acoustics Boundary-Element Computations
Ramesh Natarajan
(Pages 1450 - 1470)

Preconditioning of Indefinite and Almost Singular Finite Element Elliptic Equations
Maya G. Neytcheva, Panayot S. Vassilevski
(Pages 1471 - 1485)

A BLAS-3 Version of the QR Factorization with Column Pivoting
Gregorio Quintana-OrtÍ, Xiaobai Sun, Christian H. Bischof
(Pages 1486 - 1494)

Consistent Initial Condition Calculation for Differential-Algebraic Systems
Peter N. Brown, Alan C. Hindmarsh, Linda R. Petzold
(Pages 1495 - 1512)

An Efficient Newton-Type Iteration for the Numerical Solution of Highly Oscillatory Constrained Multibody Dynamic Systems
Jeng Yen, Linda R. Petzold
(Pages 1513 - 1534)

Rational Krylov: A Practical Algorithm for Large Sparse Nonsymmetric Matrix Pencils
Axel Ruhe
(Pages 1535 - 1551)

Exponential Integrators for Large Systems of Differential Equations
Marlis Hochbruck, Christian Lubich
(Pages 1552 - 1574)

Multigrid Solution of Automatically Generated High-Order Discretizations for the Biharmonic Equation
Irfan Altas, Jonathan Dym, Murli M. Gupta, Ram P. Manohar
(Pages 1575 - 1585)

Circumventing Storage Limitations in Variational Data Assimilation Studies
Juan Mario Restrepo, Gary K. Leaf
(Pages 1586 - 1605)

A Fast Poisson Solver for the Finite Difference Solution of the Incompressible Navier--Stokes Equations
Gene H. Golub, Lan Chieh Huang, Horst Simon, Wei-Pai Tang
(Pages 1606 - 1624)

On the Homotopy Method for Perturbed Symmetric Generalized Eigenvalue Problems
T. Zhang, K. H. Law, G. H. Golub
(Pages 1625 - 1645)

Flexible Multiple Semicoarsening for Three-Dimensional Singularly Perturbed Problems
T. Washio, C. W. Oosterlee
(Pages 1646 - 1666)

Spectral Elements on Infinite Domain
Kelly Black
(Pages 1667 - 1681)

Coarse-Grid Correction for Nonelliptic and Singular Perturbation Problems
Irad Yavneh
(Pages 1682 - 1699)

Volume 19, Number 4, July 1998

Restoring Images Degraded by Spatially Variant Blur
James G. Nagy, Dianne P. O'Leary
(Pages 1063 - 1082)

Taking Advantage of the Potentialities of Dynamically Modified Block Incomplete Factorizations
Magolu Monga-Made
(Pages 1083 - 1108)

Implicit Extrapolation Methods for Variable Coefficient Problems
M. Jung, U. Rüde
(Pages 1109 - 1124)

On Computing the Least Quantile of Squares Estimate
G. A. Watson
(Pages 1125 - 1138)

Domain Decomposition Algorithms for Indefinite Hypersingular Integral Equations: The h and p Versions
Ernst P. Stephan, Thanh Tran
(Pages 1139 - 1153)

Finite Element Approximation of the Diffusion Operator on Tetrahedra
Mario Putti, Christian Cordes
(Pages 1154 - 1168)

A Charge Simulation Method for Numerical Conformal Mapping onto Circular and Radial Slit Domains
Kaname Amano
(Pages 1169 - 1187)

An Adaptive Newton--Picard Algorithm with Subspace Iteration for Computing Periodic Solutions
K. Lust, D. Roose
(Pages 1188 - 1209)

The Efficient Computation of Sparse Jacobian Matrices Using Automatic Differentiation
Thomas F. Coleman, Arun Verma
(Pages 1210 - 1233)

A Saddle Point Approximation for Certain Multivariate Tail Probabilities
Satish Iyengar, Mainak Mazumdar
(Pages 1234 - 1244)

A Deflation Technique for Linear Systems of Equations
K. Burrage, J. Erhel, B. Pohl, A. Williams
(Pages 1245 - 1260)

Pseudospectral Solution of Near-Singular Problems using Numerical Coordinate Transformations Based on Adaptivity
L. S. Mulholland, W.-Z. Huang, D. M. Sloan
(Pages 1261 - 1289)

On the Accuracy of Impulse Methods for Fluid Flow
Ricardo Cortez
(Pages 1290 - 1302)

Load Balancing for Adaptive Multigrid Methods
Peter Bastian
(Pages 1303 - 1321)

Superconvergence and Postprocessing of Fluxes from Lowest-Order Mixed Methods on Triangles and Tetrahedra
Todd F. Dupont, Philip T. Keenan
(Pages 1322 - 1332)

Numerical Methods for Simulating Ginzburg--Landau Vortices
Mo Mu, Yuefan Deng, Chung-Chiang Chou
(Pages 1333 - 1339)

The Efficient Generation of Simple Two-Dimensional Adaptive Grids
J. A. Mackenzie
(Pages 1340 - 1365)

Implicit-Explicit Parallel Asynchronous Solver of Parabolic PDEs
Dganit Amitai, Amir Averbuch, Moshe Israeli, Samuel Itzikowitz
(Pages 1366 - 1404)

Volume 19, Number 3, May 1998

Three-Dimensional Front Tracking
James Glimm, John W. Grove, Xiao Lin Li, Keh-ming Shyue,
Yanni Zeng, Qiang Zhang
(Pages 703 - 727)

Design and Application of a Gradient-Weighted Moving Finite Element Code I: in One Dimension
Neil N. Carlson, Keith Miller
(Pages 728 - 765)

Design and Application of a Gradient-Weighted Moving Finite Element Code II: in Two Dimensions
Neil N. Carlson, Keith Miller
(Pages 766 - 798)

A Study of Some Finite Difference Schemes for a Unidirectional Stochastic Transport Equation
Harald Osnes, Hans Petter Langtangen
(Pages 799 - 812)

Computational Considerations for the Simulation of Shock-Induced Sound
Jay Casper, Mark H. Carpenter
(Pages 813 - 828)

Numerical Solution of a Flow-Control Problem: Vorticity Reduction by Dynamic Boundary Action
Martin Berggren
(Pages 829 - 860)

Hamilton-based Numerical Methods for a Fluid-Membrane Interaction in Two and Three Dimensions
Maria Cristina Recchioni, Giovanni Russo
(Pages 861 - 892)

An Iterative Perturbation Method for the Pressure Equation in the Simulation of Miscible Displacement in Porous Media
Ping Lin, Daoqi Yang
(Pages 893 - 911)

Domain Decomposition Operator Splittings for the Solution of Parabolic Equations
T. P. Mathew, P. L. Polyakov, G. Russo, J. Wang
(Pages 912 - 932)

A Fast Poisson Solver of Arbitrary Order Accuracy in Rectangular Regions
A. Averbuch, M. Israeli, L. Vozovoi
(Pages 933 - 952)

A Generalized SOR Method for Dense Linear Systems of Boundary Element Equations
K. Davey, S. Bounds
(Pages 953 - 967)

A Sparse Approximate Inverse Preconditioner for Nonsymmetric Linear Systems
Michele Benzi, Miroslav Tuma
(Pages 968 - 994)

Approximate Inverse Preconditioners via Sparse-Sparse Iterations
Edmond Chow, Yousef Saad
(Pages 995 - 1023)

Generalized Capacitance Matrix Theorems and Algorithm for Solving Linear Systems
Shang-Hong Lai, Baba C. Vemuri
(Pages 1024 - 1045)

Computing Limit Loads by Minimizing a Sum of Norms
Knud D. Andersen, Edmund Christiansen, Michael L. Overton
(Pages 1046 - 1062)

Volume 19, Number 2, March 1998

Solution of Two-Dimensional Riemann Problems of Gas Dynamics by Positive Schemes
Peter D. Lax, Xu-Dong Liu
(Pages 319 - 340)

ADI Methods for Cubic Spline Collocation Discretizations of Elliptic PDE
P. Tsompanopoulou, E. Vavalis
(Pages 341 - 363)

Geometric Separators for Finite-Element Meshes
Gary L. Miller, Shang-Hua Teng, William Thurston, Stephen A.
(Pages 364 - 386)

A 3D Rectangular Mixed Finite Element Method to Solve the Stationary Semiconductor Equations
Guido E. Sartoris
(Pages 387 - 403)

Enhanced Cell-Centered Finite Differences for Elliptic Equations on General Geometry
Todd Arobogast, Clint N. Dawson, Philip T. Keenan, Mary F.
Wheeler, Ivan Yotov
(Pages 404 - 425)

Stochastic Integration Rules for Infinite Regions
Alan Genz, John Monahan
(Pages 426 - 439)

Exploiting Invariants in the Numerical Solution of Multipoint Boundary Value Problems for DAE
Volker H. Schulz, Hans Georg Bock, Marc C. Steinbach
(Pages 440 - 467)

Multilevel Evaluation of Integral Transforms with Asymptotically Smooth Kernels
A. Brandt, C. H. Venner
(Pages 468 - 492)

The Number of Coarse-Grid Iterations Every Cycle for the Two-Grid Method
Lars Ferm
(Pages 493 - 501)

Multigrid Algorithms for Nonconforming and Mixed Methods for Nonsymmetric and Indefinite Problems
Zhangxin Chen, Do Y. Kwak, Yoon J. Yon
(Pages 502 - 515)

Multigrid Method for Ill-Conditioned Symmetric Toeplitz Systems
Raymond H. Chan, Qian-Shun Chang, Hai-Wei Sun
(Pages 516 - 529)

An Iteration for Indefinite Systems and Its Application to the Navier--Stokes Equations
Gene H. Golub, Andrew J. Wathen
(Pages 530 - 539)

An Optimal Preconditioner for a Class of Saddle Point Problems with a Penalty Term
Axel Klawonn
(Pages 540 - 552)

Using a Massively Parallel Processor to Solve Large Sparse Linear Programs by an Interior-Point Method
Joseph Czyzyk, Robert Fourer, Sanjay Mehrotra
(Pages 553 - 565)

Statistical Condition Estimation for Linear Systems
C. S. Kenney, A. J. Laub, M. S. Reese
(Pages 566 - 583)

Data-Parallel Sparse Factorization
John M. Conroy, Steven G. Kratzer, Robert F. Lucas, Aaron E.
(Pages 584 - 604)

Sparse Approximate-Inverse Preconditioners Using Norm-Minimization Techniques
Nicholas I. M. Gould, Jennifer A. Scott
(Pages 605 - 625)

Using Level 3 BLAS in Rotation-Based Algorithms
Bruno Lang
(Pages 626 - 634)

Provably Good Partitioning and Load Balancing Algorithms for Parallel Adaptive N-Body Simulation
Shang-Hua Teng
(Pages 635 - 656)

Accelerated Inexact Newton Schemes for Large Systems of Nonlinear Equations
Diederik R. Fokkema, Gerard L. G. Sleijpen, Henk A. Van der
(Pages 657 - 674)

Computing Maximum Likelihood Estimators of Convex Density Functions
T. Terlaky, J.-Ph. Vial
(Pages 675 - 694)

Error Analysis of Krylov Methods In a Nutshell
Marlis Hochbruck, Christian Lubich
(Pages 695 - 701)

Volume 19, Number 1, January 1998

Introduction to the Special Issue on Iterative Methods for Solving Systems of Algebraic Equations
Howard Elman
(Pages vii - vii)

Iterative and Parallel Performance of High-Order Compact Systems
W. F. Spotz, G. F. Carey
(Pages 1 - 14)

Restarted GMRES for Shifted Linear Systems
Andreas Frommer, Uwe Glässner
(Pages 15 - 26)

Optimizing a Parallel Conjugate Gradient Solver
Martyn R. Field
(Pages 27 - 37)

Using Nonorthogonal Lanczos Vectors in the Computation of Matrix Functions
V. Druskin, A. Greenbaum, L. Knizhnerman
(Pages 38 - 54)

QMR Smoothing for Lanczos-Type Product Methods Based on Three-Term Rrecurrences
Klaus J. Ressel, Martin H. Gutknecht
(Pages 55 - 73)

Some Multigrid Algorithms for Elliptic Problems on Data Parallel Machines
V. A. Bandy, J. E. Dendy Jr., W. H. Spangenberg
(Pages 74 - 86)

An Evaluation of Parallel Multigrid as a Solver and a Preconditioner for Singularly Perturbed Problems
C. W. Oosterlee, T. Washio
(Pages 87 - 110)

Fast Multigrid Solution of the Advection Problem with Closed Characteristics
Irad Yavneh, Cornelis H. Venner, Achi Brandt
(Pages 111 - 125)

An Efficient Solver for Multi--Right-Hand-Side Linear Systems Based on the CCCG($\eta$) Method with Applications to Implicit Time-Dependent Partial Differential Equations
Frederico F. Campos, Nick R. C. Birkett
(Pages 126 - 138)

Superlinear Convergence Estimates for a Conjugate Gradient Method for the Biharmonic Equation
Raymond H. Chan, Thomas K. DeLillo, Mark A. Horn
(Pages 139 - 147)

State Space Orderings for Gauss--Seidel in Markov Chains Revisited
Tugrul Dayar
(Pages 148 - 154)

Numerical Conformal Mapping Methods for Simply and Doubly Connected Regions
Thomas K. DeLillo, John A. Pfaltzgraff
(Pages 155 - 171)

Block-Triangular Preconditioners for Saddle Point Problems with a Penalty Term
Axel Klawonn
(Pages 172 - 184)

Approximate Schur Complement Preconditioning of the Lowest-Order Nodal Discretizations
J. David Moulton, Jim E. Morel, Uri M. Ascher
(Pages 185 - 205)

An Efficient Iterative Method for the Generalized Stokes Problem
Vivek Sarin, Ahmed Sameh
(Pages 206 - 226)

Dynamic Thick Restarting of the Davidson, and the Implicitly Restarted Arnoldi Methods
Andreas Stathopoulos, Yousef Saad, Kesheng Wu
(Pages 227 - 245)

Parallel Newton--Krylov--Schwarz Algorithms for the Transonic Full Potential Equation
Xiao-Chuan Cai, William D. Gropp, David E. Keyes, Robin G.
Melvin, David P. Young
(Pages 246 - 265)

A Fast Multilevel Algorithm for the Solution of Nonlinear Systems of Conductive-Radiative Heat Transfer Equations
J. M. Banoczi, C. T. Kelley
(Pages 266 - 279)

Termination of Newton/Chord Iterations and the Method of Lines
C. T. Kelley, C. T. Miller, M. D. Tocci
(Pages 280 - 290)

Enhanced Nonlinear Iterative Techniques Applied to a Nonequilibrium Plasma Flow
D. A. Knoll, P. R. McHugh
(Pages 291 - 301)

NITSOL: A Newton Iterative Solver for Nonlinear Systems
Michael Pernice, Homer F. Walker
(Pages 302 - 318)

Volume 18, Number 6, November 1997

Two-Grid Solution of Shock Problems
Lars Ferm, Per Lötstedt
(Pages 1533 - 1552)

On the Choice of Wavespeeds for the HLLC Riemann Solver
P. Batten, N. Clarke, C. Lambert, D. M. Causon
(Pages 1553 - 1570)

The Numerical Solution of the Biharmonic Equation by Conformal Mapping
Raymond H. Chan, Thomas K. DeLillo, Mark A. Horn
(Pages 1571 - 1582)

Efficient Spectral-Galerkin Methods III: Polar and Cylindrical Geometries
Jie Shen
(Pages 1583 - 1604)

Fast Radix 2, 3, 4, and 5 Kernels for Fast Fourier Transformations on Computers with Overlapping Multiply--Add Instructions
S. Goedecker
(Pages 1605 - 1611)

Artificial Boundary Conditions for Computation of Oscillating External Flows
S. V. Tsynkov
(Pages 1612 - 1656)

Approximate Inverse Techniques for Block-Partitioned Matrices
Edmond Chow, Yousef Saad
(Pages 1657 - 1675)

Multi-p Preconditioners
Ning Hu, Xian-zhong Guo, I. Norman Katz
(Pages 1676 - 1697)

Analysis of Projection Methods for Solving Linear Systems with Multiple Right-Hand Sides
Tony F. Chan, W. L. Wan
(Pages 1698 - 1721)

Numerical Solution of the Inverse Eigenvalue Problem for Real Symmetric Toeplitz Matrices
William F. Trench
(Pages 1722 - 1736)

Multiple Bifurcation in the von Kármán Equations
C.-S. Chien, M.-S. Chen
(Pages 1737 - 1766)

Element-by-Element Preconditioners for Large Partially Separable Optimization Problems
Michel J. Daydé, Jean-Yves L'Excellent, Nicholas I. M. Gould
(Pages 1767 - 1787)

Automatic Determination of an Initial Trust Region in Nonlinear Programming
A. Sartenaer
(Pages 1788 - 1803)

Volume 18, Number 5, September 1997

Implicit Explicit Residual Smoothing for the Multidimensional Euler and Navier--Stokes Equations
Rickard Enander
pp. 1243 - 1254

The Correct Formulation of Intermediate Boundary Conditions for Runge--Kutta Time Integration of Initial Boundary Value Problems
D. Pathria
pp. 1255 - 1266

Additive Schwarz Methods for the h-p Version of the Finite Element Method in Two Dimensions
Benqi Guo, Weiming Cao
pp. 1267 - 1288

A Cartesian Grid Projection Method for the Incompressible Euler Equations in Complex Geometries
Ann S. Almgren, John B. Bell, Phillip Colella, Tyler Marthaler
pp. 1289 - 1309

Mass-Conserving Front Tracking for Miscible Two-Phase Flow
Kou-Kung A. Chang, W. Brent Lindquist
pp. 1310 - 1327

Monotonicity Considerations for Saturated--Unsaturated Subsurface Flow
P. A. Forsyth, M. C. Kropinski
pp. 1328 - 1354

Performance of Block-ILU Factorization Preconditioners Based on Block-Size Reduction for 2D Elasticity Systems
Tony F. Chan, Svetozar D. Margenov, Panayot S. Vassilevski
pp. 1355 - 1366

Inexact Block Jacobi--Broyden Methods for Solving Nonlinear Systems of Equations
Geng Yang, Laura C. Dutto, Michel Fortin
pp. 1367 - 1392

A Stabilized Matrix Sign Function Algorithm for Solving Algebraic Riccati Equations
Judith D. Gardiner
pp. 1393 - 1411

Fast Diagonalization of Large and Dense Complex Symmetric Matrices, with Applications to Quantum Reaction Dynamics
Ilan Bar-On, Victor Ryaboy
pp. 1412 - 1435

How Good is Recursive Bisection?
Horst D. Simon, Shang-Hua Teng
pp. 1436 - 1445

The Spectral Decomposition of Nonsymmetric Matrices on Distributed Memory Parallel Computers
Z. Bai, J. Demmel, J. Dongarra, A. Petitet, H. Robinson, K.
pp. 1446 - 1461

SVD Computations on the Connection Machine CM-5/CM-5E: Implementation and Accuracy
Susanne M. Balle, Palle M. Pedersen
pp. 1462 - 1478

Recurrent Neural Networks for Computing Pseudoinverses of Rank-Deficient Matrices
Jun Wang
pp. 1479 - 1493

Domain Decomposition Methods for Large Markov Chain Control Problems and Nonlinear Elliptic-Type Equations
Harold J. Kushner
pp. 1494 - 1516

Timely Communicaton: An Analysis for a Nonoverlapping Domain Decomposition Iterative Procedure
Qingping Deng
pp. 1517 - 1525

Timely Communication: Symmetry and the Karhunen--Ločve Analysis
Nejib Smaoui, Dieter Armbruster
pp. 1526 - 1532

Volume 18, Number 4, May 1997

A High-Order Godunov-Type Scheme for Shock Interactions in Ideal Magnetohydrodynamics
Wenlong Dai and Paul R. Woodward
pp. 957 - 981

An Iterative Riemann Solver for Relativistic Hydrodynamics
Wenlong Dai and Paul R. Woodward
pp. 982 - 995

An Adaptive Mesh Projection Method for Viscous Incompressible Flow
Louis H. Howell and John B. Bell
pp. 996 - 1013

Merging Computational Elements in Vortex Simulations
Louis F. Rossi
pp. 1014 - 1027

A Linearized Crank-Nicolson-Galerkin Method for the Ginzburg-Landau Model
Mo Mu
pp. 1028 - 1039

Accuracy Enhancement for Higher Derivatives using Chebyshev Collocation and a Mapping Technique
Wai Sun Don and Alex Solomonoff
pp. 1040 - 1055

Efficient Derivative Codes through Automatic Differentiation and Interface Contraction: An Application in Biostatistics
P. Hovland, C. Bischof, D. Spiegelman, and M. Casella
pp. 1056 - 1066

Mean-Square Numerical Methods for Stochastic Differential Equations with Small Noises
G. N. Milstein and M. V. Tret'yakov
pp. 1067 - 1087

Fast and Exact Simulation of Stationary Gaussian Processes through Circulant Embedding of the Covariance Matrix
C. R. Dietrich and G. N. Newsam
pp. 1088 - 1107

Subspace Orthogonalization for Substructuring Preconditioners for Non-self-adjoint Elliptic Problems
Gerhard Starke
pp. 1108 - 1121

Numerical Methods for a Nonconvex Optimization Problem Modeling Martensitic Microstructure
Roy A. Nicolaides, Noel Walkington, and Han Wang
pp. 1122 - 1141

Asymptotic Expansion of the Free-space Green's Function for the Discrete 3-D Poisson Equation
Richard H. Burkhart
pp. 1142 - 1162

The Orthogonal qd-Algorithm
Urs von Matt
pp. 1163 - 1186

Domain Decomposition using Spectral Expansions of Steklov--Poincaré Operators II: A Matrix Formulation
Ramesh Natarajan
pp. 1187 - 1199

Implementation of Jacobi Rotations for Accurate Singular Value Computation in Floating Point Arithmetic
Zlatko Drmac
pp. 1200 - 1222

Regularization by Truncated Total Least Squares
R. D. Fierro, G. H. Golub, P. C. Hansen, and D. P. O'Leary
pp. 1223 - 1241

Volume 18, Number 3, May 1997

An Accurate and Robust Flux Splitting Scheme for Shock and Contact Discontinuities
Yasuhiro Wada and Meng-Sing Liou
pp. 633 - 657

A Stable Penalty Method for the Compressible Navier--Stokes Equations: II. One-Dimensional Domain Decomposition Schemes
J. S. Hesthaven
pp. 658 - 685

Parallel Algorithms for Adaptive Mesh Refinement
Mark T. Jones and Paul E. Plassmann
pp. 686 - 708

Immersed Interface Methods for Stokes Flow with Elastic Boundaries or Surface Tension
Randall J. LeVeque and Zhilin Li
pp. 709 - 735

Time-Marching Algorithms for Nonlocal Evolution Equations Based Upon "Approximate Approximations"
Vladimir Karlin and Vladimir Maz'ya
pp. 736 - 752

Regularization of Higher-Index Differential-Algebraic Equations with Rank-Deficient Constraints
Linda R. Petzold, Yuhe Ren, and Timothy Maly
pp. 753 - 774

Unsteady Two-Dimensional Flows in Complex Geometries: Comparative Bifurcation Studies with Global Eigenfunction Expansions
Anil K. Bangia, Paul F. Batcho, Ioannis G. Kevrekidis, and George Em. Karniadakis
pp. 775 - 805

Parallel Algorithms for the Spectral Transform Method
Ian T. Foster and Patrick H. Worley
pp. 806 - 837

Parallel Preconditioning with Sparse Approximate Inverses
Marcus J. Grote and Thomas Huckle
pp. 838 - 853

Orderings for Parallel Conjugate Gradient Preconditioners
S. A. Stotland and J. M. Ortega
pp. 854 - 868

A Parallelizable Eigensolver for Real Diagonalizable Matrices with Real Eigenvalues
Steven Huss-Lederman, Anna Tsao, and Thomas Turnbull
pp. 869 - 885

Computing Least Area Hypersurfaces Spanning Arbitrary Boundaries
Harold R. Parks and Jon T. Pitts
pp. 886 - 917

Computation of Invariant Tori by the Fourier Methods
Huang Mingyou, Tassilo Küpper, and Norbert Masbaum
pp. 918 - 942

On the Optimality of the Median Cut Spectral Bisection Graph Partitioning Method
Tony F. Chan, P. Ciarlet Jr., and W. K. Szeto
pp. 943 - 948

Multiscale Algorithm for Atmospheric Data Assimilation
Achi Brandt and Leonid Yu. Zaslavsky
pp. 949 - 956

Volume 18, Number 2, March 1997

Multiresolution Schemes for the Numerical Solution of 2-D Conservation Laws
Barna L. Bihari and Ami Harten
pp. 315 - 354

A Spectral Element Technique with a Local Spectral Basis
Kelly Black
pp. 355 - 370

A Galerkin Method for Linear PDE Systems in Circular Geometries with Structural Acoustic Problems
Ralph C. Smith
pp. 371 - 402

A Fast Adaptive Numerical Method for Stiff Two-Point Boundary Value Problems
June-Yub Lee and Leslie Greengard
pp. 403 - 429

Revenge of the Semicoarsening Frequency Decomposition Multigrid Method
J. E. Dendy Jr.
pp. 430 - 440

Multilevel Solution of Cell Vertex Cauchy--Riemann Equations
A. Borzě, K. W. Morton, E. Süli, and M. Vanmaele
pp. 441 - 459

$\tau$-Extrapolation---Theoretical Foundation, Numerical Experiment, and Application to Navier--Stokes Equations
Klaus Bernert
pp. 460 - 478

Hierarchical Basis Preconditioners in Three Dimensions
Maria Elizabeth G. Ong
pp. 479 - 498

Preconditioning of Block Toeplitz Matrices by Sine Transforms
Fabio Di Benedetto
pp. 499 - 515

CIMGS: An Incomplete Orthogonal Factorization Preconditioner
Xiaoge Wang, Kyle A. Gallivan, and Randall Bramley
pp. 516 - 536

GPBi-CG: Generalized Product-type Methods Based on Bi-CG for Solving Nonsymmetric Linear Systems
Shao-Liang Zhang
pp. 537 - 551

The Accumulation of Rounding Errors and Port Validation for Global Atmospheric Models
James M. Rosinski and David L. Williamson
pp. 552 - 564

Computation of Pseudospectra by Continuation
S. H. Lui
pp. 565 - 573

Empirical Evaluation of Innovations in Interval Branch and Bound Algorithms for Nonlinear Systems
R. Baker Kearfott
pp. 574 - 594

Equidistribution on the Sphere
Jianjun Cui and Willi Freeden
pp. 595 - 609

Timely Communication:
Diagonal Edge Preconditioners in p-version and Spectral Element Methods
Mario A. Casarin
pp. 610 - 620

Timely Communication: Efficient Algorithms for Solving a Fourth-Order Equation with the Spectral-Galerkin Method
Petter E. Bjřrstad and Bjřrn Peter Tjřstheim
pp. 621 - 632

Volume 18, Number 1, January 1997

The articles in this issue are dedicated to C. William Gear on the occasion of his 60th birthday.

pp. vii-x

The Matlab ODE Suite
Lawrence F. Shampine and Mark W. Reichelt
pp. 1-22

Control Strategies for the Iterative Solution of Nonlinear Equations in ODE Solvers
Kjell Gustafsson and Gustaf Soderlind
pp. 23-40

Triangularly Implicit Iteration Methods for ODE-IVP Solvers
P. J. van der Houwen and J. J. B. de Swart
pp. 41-55

A Cyclic Reduction Approach to the Numerical Solution of Boundary Value ODEs Pierluigi Amodio and Marcin Paprzycki
pp. 56-68

Computation and Continuation of Homoclinic and Heteroclinic Orbits with Arclength Parameterization
Lixin Liu, Gerald Moore, and Robert D. Russell
pp. 69-93

A Shooting Method for Fully Implicit Index-2 Differential Algebraic Equations
Rene Lamour
pp. 94-114

A New Software Package for Linear Differential-Algebraic Equations
Peter Kunkel, Volker Mehrmann, Werner Rath, and Jorg Weickert
pp. 115-138

Recent Results in Solving Index-2 Differential-Algebraic Equations in Circuit Simulation
Roswitha Marz and Caren Tischendorf
pp. 139-159

Sequential Regularization Methods for Nonlinear Higher-Index DAEs
Uri Ascher and Ping Lin
pp. 160-181

Improved Quasi-Steady-State-Approximation Methods for Atmospheric Chemistry Integration
L. O. Jay, A. Sandu, F. A. Potra, and G. R. Carmichael
pp. 182-202

A Family of Symplectic Integrators: Stability, Accuracy, and Molecular Dynamics Applications
Robert D. Skeel, Guihua Zhang, and Tamar Schlick
pp. 203-222

Explicit Symplectic Intergrators Using Hessian-Vector Products
M. A. Lopez-Marcos, J. M. Sanz-Serna, and Robert D. Skeel
pp. 223-238

The Adaptive Verlet Method
Weizhang Huang and Benedict Leimkuhler
pp. 239-256

Reversible Long-Term Integration with Variable Stepsizes
Ernst Hairer and Daniel Stoffer
pp. 257-269

Convergence and Stability of Multistep Methods Solving Nonlinear Initial Value Problems
F. Iavernaro and F. Mazzia
pp. 270-285

Spectra and Pseudospectra of Waveform Relaxation Operators
Andrew Lumsdaine and Deyun Wu
pp. 286-304

Pitfalls in Parameter Estimation for Delay Differential Equations
Christopher T. H. Baker and Christopher A. H. Paul
pp. 304-314

Volume 17, Number 6, November 1996

Computing Hopf Bifurcations II: Three Examples from Neurophysiology
John Guckenheimer and Mark Myers

Evolution of Convex Plane Curves Describing Anisotropic Motions of Phase Interfaces
Karol Mikula and Jozef Kacur

Oscillation Absorption Finite Element Methods for Convection-Diffusion Problems
W. Layton and B. Polman

Quasi-Laguerre Iteration in Solving Symmetric Tridiagonal Eigenvalue Problems
Qiang Du, Ming Jin, T.Y. Li, and Z. Zeng

Preconditioned Iterative Methods for Unsteady Non-Newtonian Flow Between Eccentrically Rotating Cylinders
D. Rh. Gwynllyw and T. N. Phillips

A Hierarchical Domain Decomposition Preconditioner for h-p Finite Element Approximation on Locally Refined Meshes
Mark Ainsworth

Statistical Equilibrium Computations of Coherent Structures in Turbulent Shear Layers
Bruce Turkington and Nathaniel Whitaker

Space-Time Finite Element Methods for Surface Diffusion with Applications to the Theory of the Stability of Cylinders
Bernard D. Coleman, Richard S. Falk, and Maher Moakher

A Fast Multigrid Algorithm for Isotropic Transport Problems II: With Absorption
T. Manteuffel, S. McCormick, J. Morel, and G. Yang

Jacobian-Weighted Elliptic Grid Generation
Patrick M. Knupp

Composite Step Product Methods for Solving Nonsymmetric Linear Systems
Tony F. Chan and Tedd Szeto

Volume 17, Number 5, September 1996

Hybrid Multifluid Algorithms
Smadar Karni
pp. 1019-1039

A Parallel Implementation of the P-Version of the Finite Element Method
Yimin Zhu and I. Norman Katz
pp. 1040-1067

Multigrid Methods for Symmetric Positive Definite Block Toeplitz Matrices with Nonnegative Generating Functions
Giuseppe Fiorentino and Stefano Serra
pp. 1068-1081

Defect Correction for Convection-Dominated Flow
Wilhelm Heinrichs
pp. 1082-1091

A Model Numerical Scheme for the Propagation of Phase Transitions in Solids
Bernardo Cockburn and Huiing Gau
pp. 1092-1121

A Two-Dimensional Composite Grid Numerical Model Based on the Reduced System for Oceanography
Y. F. Xie, G. L. Browning, and G. Chesshire
pp. 1122-1134

A Sparse Approximate Inverse Preconditioner for the Conjugate Gradient Method
Michele Benzi, Carl D. Meyer, and Miroslav Tuma
pp. 1135-1149

Accuracy of the Discrete Fourier Transform and the Fast Fourier Transform
James C. Schatzman
pp. 1150-1166

Computing the Extremal Positive Definite Solutions of a Matrix Equation
Xingzhi Zhan
pp. 1167-1174

A Schwarz Alternating Procedure for Singular Perturbation Problems
Marc Garbey
pp. 1175-1201

An Investigation of Interior-Point Algorithms for the Linear Transportation Problem
L. Portugal, F. Bastos, J. Judice, J. Paixao, and T. Terlaky
pp. 1202-1223

Computation of the Noncentral Gamma Distribution
L. Knusel and B. Bablok
pp. 1224-1231

Locating and Computing All the Simple Roots and Extrema of a Function
Dimitris J. Kavvadias and Michael N. Vrahatis
pp. 1232-1248

On Weak Residual Error Estimation
Jinn-Liang Liu
pp. 1249-1268

Preconditioning Complicated Finite Elements by Simple Finite Elements
Susanne C. Brenner
pp. 1269-1274

Volume 17, Number 4, July 1996

Comparisons of Lattice Boltzmann and Finite Difference Methods for a Two-Dimensional Viscous Burgers Equation
Bracy H. Elton
pp. 783-813

Direct Numerical Calculations of a Neutral Stability Curve for One- Dimensional Detonations
Wei Cai, Wonho Oh, and Youlan Zhu
pp. 814-829

ILUM: A Multi-Elimination ILU Preconditioner for General Sparse Matrices
Y. Saad
pp. 830-847

Efficient Algorithms for Computing a Strong Rank-Revealing QR Factorization
Ming Gu and Stanley C. Eisenstat
pp. 848-869

Parallelizing the QR Algorithm for the Unsymmetric Algebraic Eigenvalue Problem: Myths and Reality
Greg Henry and Robert van de Geijn
pp. 870-883

An Overdetermined Schwarz Alternating Method
Huosheng Sun and Wei-Pai Tang
pp. 884-905

Random Relaxation of Fixed-Point Iteration
Markku Verkama
pp. 906-912

Rapid Computation of the Discrete Fourier Transform
Chris Anderson and Marie Dillon Dahleh
pp. 913-919

Fast Recursive Least Squares Adaptive Filtering by Fast Fourier Transform-Based Conjugate Gradient Iterations
Michael K. Ng and Robert J. Plemmons
pp. 920-941

A Convolution Algorithm with Application to Data Assimilation
Ranjit M. Passi, R. Kent Goodrich, Mark Limber, and John C. Derber
pp. 942-955

A General Heuristic for Choosing the Regularization Parameter in Ill-Posed Problems
Martin Hanke and Toomas Raus
pp. 956-972

Bayesian-Validated Surrogates for Noisy Computer Simulations; Application to Random Media
Serhat Yesilyurt, Chahid K. Ghaddar, Manuel E. Cruz, and Anthony T. Patera
pp. 973-992

Primal-Dual Combinatorial Relaxation Algorithms for the Maximum Degree of Subdeterminants
Satoru Iwata, Kazuo Murota, and Izumi Sakuta
pp. 993-1012

Verification May Be Better Than Estimation
C. Falcó Korn, B. Hörmann, and C. P. Ullrich
pp. 1013-1017

Volume 17, Number 3, May 1996

Three-Dimensional Steady Flow in a Dividing Channel Using Finite and Pseudospectral Differences
Roland Hunt
pp. 561-578

A Stable Penalty Method for the Compressible Navier-Stokes Equations: I. Open Boundary Conditions
J.S. Hesthaven and D. Gottlieb
pp. 579-612

Semicirculant Solvers and Boundary Corrections for First-Order Partial Differential Equations
Sverker Holmgren and Kurt Otto
pp. 613-630

The Solution of Multidimensional Real Helmholtz Equations on Sparse Grids
Robert Balder and Christoph Zenger
pp. 631-646

An Efficient Iterative Solution Method for the Chebyshev Collocation of Advection-Dominated Transport Problems
A. Pinelli, W. Couzy, M. O. Deville, and C. Benocci
pp. 647-657

On the Order of Convergence of Preconditioned Nonlinear Conjugate Gradient Methods
M. Al-Baali and R. Fletcher
pp. 658-665

Parallel Sparse Orthogonal Factorization on Distributed-Memory Multiprocessors
Chunguang Sun
pp. 666-685

A Parallel Algorithm for the Sylvester Observer Equation
Christian H. Bischof, Biswa Nath Datta, and Avijit Purkayastha
pp. 686-698

Performance of Panel and Block Approaches to Sparse Cholesky Factorization on the iPSC/860 and Paragon Multicomputers
Edward Rothberg
pp. 699-713

A Stable High-Order Interpolation Scheme for Superconvergent Data
Steven Pruess and Hongsung Jin
pp. 714-724

An Assessment of Nonmonotone Linesearch Techniques for Unconstrained Optimization
Philippe L. Toint
pp. 725-739

A Regularization Parameter in Discrete Ill-Posed Problems
Teresa Reginska
pp. 740-749

Computation of Shot-Noise Probability Distributions and Densities
John A. Gubner
pp. 750-761

Toeplitz-Circulant Preconditioners for Toeplitz Systems and Their Applications to Queueing Networks with Batch Arrivals
Raymond H. Chan and Wai-Ki Ching
pp. 762-772

Greengard's N-Body Algorithm Is Not Order N
Srinivas Aluru
pp. 773-776

On the Removal of Boundary Errors Caused by Runge-Kutta Integration of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations
Saul Abarbanel, David Gottlieb, and Mark H. Carpenter
pp. 777-782

Volume 17, Number 2, March 1996

Moving Mesh Methods for Problems with Blow-Up
Chris J. Budd, Weizhang Huang, and Robert D. Russell
pp. 305-327

High-Accuracy Finite-Difference Schemes for Linear Wave Propagation
David W. Zingg, Harvard Lomax, and Henry Jurgens
pp. 328-346

A Nonlinear, Subgridscale Model for Incompressible Viscous Flow Problems
William J. Layton
pp. 347-357

A Numerical Method for the Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations Based on an Approximate Projection
Ann S. Almgren, John B. Bell, and William G. Szymczak
pp. 358-369

Resurrecting Core Spreading Vortex Methods: A New Scheme That is Both Deterministic and Convergent
Louis F. Rossi
pp. 370-397

Fast Fourier Transform Accelerated Fast Multipole Algorithm
William D. Elliott and John A. Board, Jr.
pp. 398-415

Computation of Pseudo-Differential Operators
Gang Bao and William W. Symes
pp. 416-429

Boundary Layer Resolving Pseudospectral Methods for Singular Perturbation Problems
Tao Tang and Manfred R. Trummer
pp. 430-438

Towards Automatic Multigrid Algorithms for SPD, Nonsymmetric and Indefinite Problems
Yair Shapira, Moshe Israeli, and Avram Sidi
pp. 439-453

Alternating-Direction Line-Relaxation Methods on Multicomputers
Jorn Hofhaus and Eric F. Van de Velde
pp. 454-478

Runge-Kutta Software with Defect Control for Boundary Value ODEs
W. H. Enright and P. H. Muir
pp. 479-497

The Differentiation Matrix for Daubechies-Based Wavelets on an Interval
Leland Jameson
pp. 498-516

A Data Smoothing Technique for Piecewise Convex/Concave Curves
W. Li, D. Naik, and J. Swetits
pp. 517-537

An Analysis of Approximate Nonlinear Elimination
Paul J. Lanzkron, Donald J. Rose, and James T. Wilkes
pp. 538-559

Volume 17, Number 1, January 1996

Calculation of Pseudospectra by the Arnoldi Iteration
Kim-Chuan Toh and Lloyd N. Trefethen

Choosing the Forcing Terms in an Inexact Newton Method
Stanley C. Eisenstat and Homer F. Walker

Fast Nonsymmetric Iterations and Preconditioning for Navier-Stokes Equations
Howard Elman and David Silvester

Analysis of Semi-Toeplitz Preconditioners for First-Order PDES
Lina Hemmingsson and Kurt Otto

ODE Recursions and Iterative Solvers for Linear Equations
Alfred A. Lorber, Graham F. Carey, and Wayne D. Joubert

Solution of Dense Systems of Linear Equations in the Discrete-Dipole Approximation
Jussi Rahola

Equivariant Preconditioners for Boundary Element Methods
Johannes Tausch

Performance Issues for Iterative Solvers in Device Simulation
Qing Fan, P. A. Forsyth, J. R. F. McMacken, and Wei-Pai Tang

A Multigrid Preconditioner for the Semiconductor Equations
Juan C. Meza and Ray S. Tuminaro

Multigrid Waveform Relaxation on Spatial Finite Element Meshes: The Discrete-Time Case
Jan Janssen and Stefan Vandewalle

Implicit Extrapolation Methods for Multilevel Finite Element Computations
Michael Jung and Ulrich Rude

On Red-Black SOR Smoothing in Multigrid
Irad Yavneh

Multilevel Image Reconstruction with Natural Pixels
Van Emden Henson, Mark A. Limber, Stephen F. McCormick, and Bruce T. Robinson

GMRES and Integral Operators
C. T. Kelley and Z. Q. Xue

Iterative Methods for Total Variation Denoising
C. R. Vogel and M. E. Oman

Migration of Vectorized Iterative Solvers to Distributed-Memory Architectures
Claude Pommerell and Roland Ruhl

A Simple Parallel Algorithm for Polynomial Evaluation
Lei Li, Jie Hu, and Tadao Nakamura

A Block QMR Method for Computing Multiple Simultaneous Solutions to Complex Symmetric Systems
William E. Boyse and Andrew A. Seidl

Solving Linear Inequalities in a Least Squares Sense
R. Bramley and B. Winnicka

On the Effects of Using the Grassman-Taksar-Heyman Method in Iterative Aggregation-Disaggregation
Tugrul Dayar and William J. Stewart

Volume 16, Number 6, November 1995

The Theoretical Accuracy of Runge-Kutta Time Discretizations for the Initial Boundary Value Problem: A Study of the Boundary Error
Mark H. Carpenter, David Gottlieb, Saul Abarbanel, and Wai-Sun Don

Accuracy and Speed in Computing the Chebyshev Collocation Derivative
Wai Sun Don and Alex Solomonoff

Quality Local Refinement of Tetrahedral Meshes Based on Bisection
Anwei Liu and Barry Joe

Construction of Three-Dimensional Improved-Quality Triangulations Using Local Transformations
Barry Joe

Multi-P Methods: Iterative Algorithms for the P-Version of the Finite Element Analysis
Ning Hu and I. Norman Katz

A Particle Scheme Incorporating an Elliptic Approximation for the Relativistic Vlasov-Maxwell System
Donald J. McGillen

Optimal Control of Systems Described by Index Two Differential- Algebraic Equations
D. M. Gritsis, C. C. Pantelides, and R. W. H. Sargent

On the Optimal Control Method for Airfoil and Cascade Analysis
K. F. C. Yiu

The "Minimum Reconstruction Error" Choice of Regularization Parameters: Some More Efficient Methods and Their Application to Deconvolution Problems
L. Desbat and D. Girard

Compressed Graphs and the Minimum Degree Algorithm
Cleve Ashcraft

Minimal Surfaces and Sobolev Gradients
R. J. Renka and J. W. Neuberger

An Analysis of the Robustness of Some Incomplete Factorizations
Trond Mannseth

A Parallel Gauss-Seidel Method for Block Tridiagonal Linear Systems
Pierluigi Amodio and Francesca Mazzia

Distributed Sparse Gaussian Elimination and Orthogonal Factorization
Padma Raghavan

Block Lanczos Techniques for Accelerating the Block Cimmino Method
Mario Arioli, Iain S. Duff, Daniel Ruiz, and Miloud Sadkane

Volume 16, Number 5, September 1995

Splitting of Operators, Alternate Directions, and Paraxial Approximations for the Three-Dimensional Wave Equation
F. Collino and P. Joly

Numerical Solution of a Nonlinear Dissipative System Using a Pseudospectral Method and Inertial Manifolds
Ronnie Wallace and David M. Sloan

A Pseudospectral Approach for Polar and Spherical Geometries
Bengt Fornberg

Grid-Multipole Calculations
C. Leonard Berman

On the Multigrid Waveform Relaxation Method
Shlomo Ta'asan and Hong Zhang

Parallel Domain-Oriented Multilevel Methods
Michael Griebel

Least-Squares Mixed Finite Element Methods for Non-Selfadjoint Elliptic Problems: II. Performance of Block-ILU Factorization Methods<BR> G. F. Carey, A. I. Pehlivanov, and P. S. Vassilevski

Optimal Convolution SOR Acceleration of Waveform Relaxation with Application to Parallel Simulation of Semiconductor Devices
Mark W. Reichelt, Jacob K. White, and Jonathan Allen

A Direct Projection Method for Sparse Linear Systems
Michele Benzi and Carl D. Meyer

Numerical Shadowing Near Hyperbolic Trajectories
Erik S. Van Vleck

A Limited Memory Algorithm for Bound Constrained Optimization
Richard H. Byrd, Peihuang Lu, Jorge Nocedal, and Ciyou Zhu

Best Constrained Approximation in Hilbert Space and Interpolation by Cubic Splines Subject to Obstacles
Lars-Erik Andersson and Tommy Elfving

Efficient Detection of a Continuous-Wave Signal with a Linear Frequency Drift
David H. Bailey and Paul N. Swarztrauber

Volume 16, Number 4, July 1995

A Front Tracking Method for Compressible Flames in One Dimension
James Hilditch and Phillip Colella

Multidomain Collocation Methods for the Stream Function Formulation of the Navier-Stokes Equations
Timothy N. Phillips and Alaeddin Malek

A Fixed Domain Method for Injection Governed by the Stokes Equations
L. L. Stell and S. F. Shen

Adaptive Mesh Refinement for Wave Propagation in Nonlinear Solids
John A. Trangenstein

An Adaptive Algebraic Multigrid for Reactor Criticality Calculations
Leonid Yu. Zaslavsky

A Space-Time Multigrid Method for Parabolic Partial Differential Equations
G. Horton and S. Vandewalle

Multipole Translation Theory for the Three-Dimensional Laplace and Helmholtz Equations
Michael A. Epton and Benjamin Dembart

A Family of Numerical Schemes for the Computation of Elastic Waves
Alain Sei

An Iterative Method for Nonsymmetric Systems with Multiple Right- Hand Side
V. Simoncini and E. Gallopoulos

Efficient Sparse Cholesky Factorization on a Massively Parallel SIMD Computer
Fredrik Manne and Hjalmtyr Hafsteinsson

A Note on Preconditioned Block Toeplitz Matrices
Xiao-Qing Jin

The Instability of Parallel Prefix Matrix Multiplication
Roy Mathias

Rational Multiple Criterion Approximation and Rational Complex Approximation by Differential Correction-Type Algorithms
G. Cortelazzo, G. A. Mian, and M. Morandini

Locally Corrected Multidimensional Quadrature Rules for Singular Functions
John Strain

Volume 16, Number 3, May 1995

Three-Dimensional Flow in a General Tube Using a Combination of Finite and Pseudospectral Discretisations
Roland Hunt

An Algorithm with Polylog Parallel Complexity for Solving Parabolic Partial Differential Equations
G. Horton, S. Vandewalle, and P. Worley

The ODE Formulation of Hyperbolic PDEs Discretized by the Spectral Collocation Method
Morten Bjorhus

Temporal Error Control for Convection-Dominated Equations in Two Space Dimensions
M. Berzins

Fast Multiresolution Algorithms for Solving Linear Equations: A Comparative Study
Francesca Arandiga, Vicente F. Candela, and Rosa Donat

A Fast Multigrid Algorithm for Isotropic Transport Problems I: Pure Scattering
T. Manteuffel, S. McCormick, J. Morel, S. Oliveira, and G. Yang

Overlapped Multicolor MILU Preconditioning
Takumi Washio and Ken Hayami

Piecewise Polynomial Collocation for Boundary Integral Equations
Kendall E. Atkinson and David Chien

Analysis of Preconditioning Techniques for Ill-Conditioned Toeplitz Matrices
Fabio Di Benedetto

GMBACK: A Generalised Minimum Backward Error Algorithm for Nonsymmetric Linear Systems
Ebrahim M. Kasenally

Iterative Algorithms for Orthogonal Spline Collocation Linear Systems
W. Sun

On Computing Objective Function and Gradient in the Context of Least Squares Fitting a Dynamic Errors-In-Variables Model
Jan M. ten Vregelaar

Volume 16, Number 2, March 1995

Solvability of General Differential Algebraic Equations
Stephen L. Campbell and E. Griepentrog

An Implementation of Multiple and Multivariate Fourier Transforms on Vector Processors
Markus Hegland

A New Family of Preconditioners for Domain Decomposition
Mo Mu

Grandchild of the Frequency Decomposition Multigrid Method
J. E. Dendy, Jr. and C. C. Tazartes

The Solution of Nonstrictly Hyperbolic Conservation Laws May Be Hard to Compute
Aslak Tveito and Ragnar Winther

Matrix Decomposition Algorithms in Orthogonal Spline Collocation for Separable Elliptic Boundary Value Problems
Bernard Bialecki and Graeme Fairweather

One-Dimensional Front Tracking Based on High Resolution Wave Propagation Methods
Randall J. Leveque and Keh-Ming Shyue

Ordering Strategies for Modified Block Incomplete Factorizations
Magolu Monga-Made

Stability of Parallel Triangular System Solvers
Nicholas J. Higham

Preconditioning Nonsymmetric and Indefinite Capacitance Matrix Problems in Domain Imbedding
Wlodzimierz Proskurowski and Panayot S. Vassilevski

Fourier Matrix Decomposition Methods for the Least Squares Solution of Singular Neumann and Periodic Hermite Bicubic Collocation Problems
Bernard Bialecki and Karin A. Remington

An Improved Spectral Graph Partitioning Algorithm for Mapping Parallel Computations
Bruce Hendrickson and Robert Leland

Domain Decomposition Using Spectral Expansions of Steklov-Poincare Operators
Ramesh Natarajan

Timely Communications

A Further Note on Max-Min Properties of Matrix Factor Norms
L. Gurvits and A. Greenbaum

A Parallel Inertia Method for Finding Eigenvalues on Vector and SIMD Architectures
John M. Conroy and Louis J. Podrazik

Test Matrices for Regularization Methods
Per Christian Hansen

Volume 16, Number 1, January 1995

A Modified Penalty Method for Stokes Equations and Its Applications to Navier-Stokes Equations
San-Yih Lin, Yan-Shin Chin, and Tsuen-Muh Wu

On Recombining Iterants in Multigrid Algorithms and Problems with Small Islands
A. Brandt and V. Mikulinsky

Domain Decomposition and Schur Complement Approaches to Coupling the Well Equations in Reservoir Simulation
J. C. Diaz and K. Shenoi

Waveform Relaxation with Overlapping Splittings
Rolf Jeltsch and Bert Pohl

Signal Extrapolation in Wavelet Subspaces
Xiang-Gen Xia, C.-C. Jay Kuo, and Zhen Zhang

Efficient Spectral-Galerkin Method II. Direct Solvers of Second-and Fourth-Order Equations Using Chebyshev Polynomials
Jie Shen

Convergence Analysis of the Defect-Correction Iteration for Hyperbolic Problems
J.-A. Desideri and P. W. Hemker

A Modified Prony Algorithm for Exponential Function Fitting
M. R. Osborne and G. K. Smyth

Computing Modified Newton Directions Using a Partial Cholesky Factorization
A. Forsgren, P. E. Gill, and W. Murray

On the Numerical Integration of Ordinary Differential Equations by Symmetric Composition Methods
Robert I. McLachlan

A Uniform-Consistency Barrier on Finite-Difference Schemes of Positive Type for Convection-Diffusion Equations
Hao Lu

Nested Iterations for Symmetric Eigenproblems
Giuseppe Gambolati, Giorgio Pini, and Mario Putti

Large-Scale Estimation of Variance and Covariance Components
C. Fraley and Patrick J. Burns

Local Bisection Refinement for N-Simplicial Grids Generated by Reflection
Joseph M. Maubach

On a Class of Nonlinear Equation Solvers Based on the Residual Norm Reduction Over a Sequence of Affine Subspaces
Igor E. Kaporin and Owe Axelsson

Timely Communication

The Use of Pointwise Interpolation in Domain Decomposition Methods with Nonnested Meshes
Xiao-Chuan Cai

Volume 15, Number 6, November 1994

Quasi-Random Sequences and Their Discrepancies
William J. Morokoff and Russel E. Caflisch

A Gradient Random Walk Method for Two-Dimensional Reaction-Diffusion Equations
Arthur Sherman and Michael Mascagni

Computing Gaussian Likelihoods and Their Derivatives for General Linear Mixed Models
Russ Wolfinger, Randy Tobias, and John Sall

Thin Plate Splines with Discontinuities and Fast Algorithms for Their Computation
David Lee and Jyh-Jen Horng Shiau

On the Parallel Implementation of Jacobi and Kogbetliantz Algorithms
Jurgen Gotze

Efficient Variants of the Vertex Space Domain Decomposition Algorithm
Tony F. Chan, Tarek P. Mathew, and Jian-Ping Shao

Solution of the Systems Associated with Invariant Tori Approximation II: Multigrid Methods
Luca Dieci and Georg Bader

Performance of Several Optimization Methods on Robot Trajectory Planning Problems
Joseph G. Ecker, Michael Kupferschmid, and Samuel P. Marin

An Efficient Block-Oriented Approach to Parallel Sparse Cholesky Factorization
Edward Rothberg and Anoop Gupta

A Two-Phase Algorithm for the Chebyshev Solution of Complex Linear Equations
Dirk P. Laurie and Lucas M. Venter

Preconditioning for Domain Decomposition through Function Approximation
Mo Mu and John R. Rice

Using Krylov Methods in the Solution of Large-Scale Differential-Algebraic Systems
Peter N. Brown, Alan C. Hindmarsh, and Linda R. Petzold

Efficient Spectral-Galerkin Method I. Direct Solvers of Second- and Fourth-Order Equations Using Legendre Polynomials
Jie Shen

Volume 15, Number 5, September 1994

Smoothing Spline Score Estimation
Pin T. Ng

Algebraic Multilevel Preconditioning of Anisotropic Elliptic Problems
Svetozar D. Margenov and Panayot S. Vassilevski

A Lagrangian Random Choice Approach for Supersonic Real Gas Flows
Ching-Yuen Loh and Meng-Sing Liou

Remark on Algorithms to Find Roots of Polynomials
S. Goedecker

The Schwarz Alternating Method for Singularity Problems
Zi-Cai Li

Two-Grid Iteration Methods for Linear Integral Equations of the Second Kind on Piecewise Smooth Surfaces in R³
Kendall E. Atkinson

A Fast Method for the Numerical Evaluation of Continuous Fourier and Laplace Transforms
David H. Bailey and Paul N. Swarztrauber

Spline Interpolation and Smoothing on Hyperspheres
H. J. Taijeron, A. G. Gibson, and C. Chandler

Monotonic Smoothing Splines Fitted by Cross Validation
S. N. Wood

Uniform Refinement of a Tetrahedron
Maria Elizabeth G. Ong

The Laguerre Iteration in Solving the Symmetric Tridiagonal Eigenproblem, Revisited
T. Y. Li and Zhonggang Zeng

Three-Dimensional Inverse Obstacle Scattering for Time Harmonic Acoustic Waves: A Numerical Method
Luciano Misici and Francesco Zirilli

Sparse Preconditioned Iterative Methods for Dense Linear Systems
Yi Yan

The Torus-Wrap Mapping for Dense Matrix Calculations on Massively Parallel Computers
Bruce A. Hendrickson and David E. Womble

Errors When Shock Waves Interact Due to Numerical Shock Width
Ralph Menikoff

Timely Communication

Gauss-Seidel Iteration for Stiff ODES from Chemical Kinetics
J. G. Verwer

Volume 15, Number 4, July 1994

Fast Wavelet Based Algorithms for Linear Evolution Equations
Bjorn Engquist, Stanley Osher, and Sifen Zhong

A Simple Adaptive Grid Method in Two Dimensions
Weizhang Huang and David M. Sloan

Error Equidistribution and Mesh Adaptation
Ke Chen

A Scheme for Conservative Interpolation on Overlapping Grids
G. Chesshire and W. D. Henshaw

High Order Accuracy Optimized Methods for Constrained Numerical Solutions of Hyperbolic Conservation Laws
C. Coray and J. Koebbe

Domain Decomposition to Solve Transition Layers and Asymptotics
Marc Garbey

Local Piecewise Hyperbolic Reconstruction of Numerical Fluxes for Nonlinear Scalar Conservation Laws
Antonio Marquina

A Dispersion Analysis of Finite Element Methods for Maxwell's Equations
P. B. Monk and A. K. Parrott

Collocation Software for Boundary Value Differential-Algebraic Equations
Uri M. Ascher and Raymond J. Spiteri

Shifting Strategies for the Parallel QR Algorithm
David S. Watkins

A Shadowing Lemma Approach to Global Error Analysis for Initial Value ODEs
Shui-Nee Chow and Erik S. Van Vleck

Numerical Solution of First Passage Problems in Random Vibrations
Hans Petter Langtangen

Timely Communication

Contour Dynamics and the Fast Multipole Method
H. Schmitt

Volume 15, Number 3, May 1994

Rotating Waves from Hopf Bifurcations in Equations with O(2)-Symmetry
W. Wu, P. J. Aston, and A. Spence

Error-Minimizing Krylov Subspace Methods
Rudiger Weiss

Special Section on Iterative Methods in Numerical Linear Algebra

Multilevel Algorithms Considered as Iterative Methods on Semidefinite Systems
Michael Griebel

Analysis of V-Cycle Multigrid Algorithms for Forms Defined by Numerical Quadrature
J. H. Bramble, C. I. Goldstein, and J. E. Pasciak

On the Multilevel Adaptive Iterative Method
U. Rude

Multiplicative Schwarz Methods for Parabolic Problems
Xiao-Chuan Cai

Domain Decomposition Algorithms with Small Overlap
Maksymilian Dryja and Olof B. Widlund

Multilevel Schwarz Methods for the Biharmonic Dirichlet Problem
Xuejun Zhang

Multilevel Algorithms for Constrained Compact Fixed Point Problems<BR> C. T. Kelley and E. W. Sachs

Preconditioned Richardson and Minimal Residual Iterative Methods for Piecewise Hermite Bicubic Orthogonal Spline Collocation Equations
Bernard Bialecki

Towards Polyalgorithmic Linear System Solvers for Nonlinear Elliptic Problems
Alexandre Ern, Vincent Giovangigli, David E. Keyes, and Mitchell D. Smooke

Iterative Solution of the Eigenvalue Problem in Hopf Bifurcation for the Boussinesq Equations
Hans D. Mittelmann, K.-T. Chang, D. F. Jankowski, and G. P. Neitzel

Preconditioned, Adaptive, Multipole-Accelerated Iterative Methods for Three- Dimensional First-Kind Integral Equations of Potential Theory
K. Nabors, F. T. Korsmeyer, F. T. Leighton, and J. White

Iterative SVD-Based Methods for Ill-Posed Problems
C. R. Vogel and J. G. Wade

Volume 15, Number 2, March 1994

Data Analysis, Matrix Decompositions, and Generalized Inverse
Agnar Hoskuldsson

A Higher-Order Godunov Method for Mutidimensional Ideal Magnetohydrodynamics
Andrew L. Zachary, Andrea Malagoli, and Phillip Colella

Timely Communications

Computing Large Sparse Jacobian Matrices Using Automatic Differentiation
Brett M. Averick, Jorge J. More, Christian H. Bischof, Alan Carle, and Andreas Griewank

Special Section on Iterative Methods in Numerical Linear Algebra

Residual Smoothing Techniques for Iterative Methods
Lu Zhou and Homer F. Walker

An Implementation of the QMR Method Based on Coupled Two-Term Recurrences
Roland W. Freund and Noel M. Nachtigal

A Quasi-Minimal Residual Variant of the BI-CGSTAB Algorithm for Nonsymmetric Systems
T. F. Chan, E. Gallopoulos, V. Simoncini, T. Szeto, and C. H. Tong

Max-Min Properties of Matrix Factor Norms
A. Greenbaum and L. Gurvits

GMRES/CR and Arnoldi/Lanczos as Matrix Approximation Problems
Anne Greenbaum and Lloyd N. Trefethen

Alternating Direction Preconditioning for Nonsymmetric Systems of Linear Equations
Gerhard Starke

Semicirculant Preconditioners for First-Order Partial Differential Equations
Sverker Holmgren and Kurt Otto

On Adaptive Weighted Polynomial Preconditioning for Hermitian Positive Definite Matrices
Bernd Fischer and Roland W. Freund

A Robust GMRES-Based Adaptive Polynomial Preconditioning Algorithm for Nonsymmetric Linear Systems
Wayne Joubert

A Comparison of Preconditioned Nonsymmetric Krylov Methods on a Large-Scale MIMD Machine
John N. Shadid and Ray S. Tuminaro

Memory Aspects and Performance of Iterative Solvers
Claude Pommerell and Wolfgang Fichtner

A Parallel Version of a Multigrid Algorithm for Isotropic Transport Equations
T. Manteuffel, S. McCormick, J. Morel, S. Oliveira, and G. Yang

Volume 15, Number 1, January 1994

Error Bounds for Dynamic Responses in Forced Vibration Problems
Christian Cabos

Global Optimization Decomposition Methods for Bounded Parameter Minimax Risk Evaluation
Eric Gourdin, Brigitte Jaumard, and Brenda MacGibbon

Small-Sample Statistical Condition Estimates for General Matrix Functions
C. S. Kenney and A. J. Laub

The Davidson Method
M. Crouzeix, B. Philippe, and M. Sadkane

Preconditioning Capacitance Matrix Problems in Domain Imbedding
Wlodek Proskurowski and Panayot S. Vassilevski

A Family of Quasi-Minimal Residual Methods for Nonsymmetric Linear Systems
Charles H. Tong

Phase Field Computations of Single-Needle Crystals, Crystal Growth, and Motion by Mean Curvature
G. Caginalp and E. Socolovsky

Three-Dimensional Adaptive Mesh Refinement for Hyperbolic Conservation Laws
John Bell, Marsha Berger, Jeff Saltzman, and Mike Welcome

Stability of the Partitioned Inverse Method for Parallel Solution of Sparse Triangular Systems
Nicholas J. Higham and Alex Pothen

Two-Level Local Refinement Preconditioners for Nonsymmetric and Indefinite Elliptic Problems
Richard E. Ewing, Svetozara I. Petrova, and Panayot S. Vassilevski

Fast Band-Toeplitz Preconditioners for Hermitian Toeplitz Systems
Raymond H. Chan and Ping Tak Peter Tang

Some Remarks on a Multigrid Preconditioner
Jinchao Xu and Jinshui Qin

Fast Adaptive Methods for the Free-Space Heat Equation
John Strain

A Nonlinear Variational Problem for Image Matching
Yali Amit

A Reformulation of the Partial Least Squares Regression Algorithm
P. J. Young

Timely Communication

A Novel Two-Grid Method for Semilinear Elliptic Equations
Jinchao Xu