Clay Luther's archives at morticia Garrett's archives at scam Doug Ingram's Galactic Bloodshed FAQ (from the FAQ. I don't know if there's a way to reference "things you telnet to" in WWW, but there should be.) Where are the current games running? ------------------------------------ As of Oct. 29th, 1991, here are the games which are on-line (or about to be) along with the server being used. The addresses given have both a host and a port number, so to reach one of these through telnet, for example, you would type on Unix: "telnet 2010" or "telnet 2010" or, on VMS: "telnet /PORT=2010" etc. The pooh game -- 2010 (one guest) *HAP III -- 2010 (no guests) *The UNM game -- 2020 (no guests) *The "Son of grape" game -- 1234 (one guest) (starting about Oct 31st) To enroll, email The CMU game -- 2010 (??? guests) (novices encouraged)