(This file should be automatically generated from something in the directory. for now it isn't.) A collection of references to places where you can find archives of usenet newsgroups and mailing lists. This includes archives of past discussion, frequently asked questions postings, things you can telnet to that have materials of particular interest to the group, WAIS servers, and pointers to stuff in the web which are interesting. I'm using this mostly as a memory aid of sorts; the materials more or less assume that you know what the group is about and why it exists. Slowly and gradually this is turning into my own personal nest of pointers to things, sort of a track of various forays into the net to find stuff. With even a smidgen of luck this will prove useful to other people too. Reference to external resources and files are done using WWW; see the ftp site at CERN for more information. As stuff gets updated it's being slowly fixed to the WWW format, no file is guaranteed to be anything special at all right now. At some point this batch of stuff will be available directly through WWW and through WAIS, all things in due time. Primary research materials for this directory are as follows: (this should be a list; how do you make sure of that in HTML?) - the comp.archives newsgroup - the comp.archives.admin newsgroup - the comp.archives WAIS at Oregon State (does this reference work? it's the doubled // problem) (and what do I do to put in comments not seen by the viewer?) - the comp.archives WAIS at the U of Western Australia and other WAIS servers and WWW links as I come across them. (credits go here) The very nature of this project means it's never going to be done. I do so hope at some point that I'll be able to provide ready access to usenet newsgroup charters through these pointers too. I don't pretend that this is the answer to the problem of resource discovery on the internet or any sort of all-seeing, all-knowing answer to where to find anything and everything that's useful. That's not the point. It does hope to collect *reusable* pointers to information stored elsewhere so that future archivists heading in the same direction will be able to just point and click to roam around. -- Edward Vielmetti, vice president for research, MSEN Inc. emv@msen.com MSEN, Inc. 628 Brooks Ann Arbor MI 48103 +1 313 741 1120