Sun PR list. Frequently useful stuff. Eminently WAIS'able. What Is SunFlash ---------------- SunFlash is a moderated e-mail based news service from Sun Microsystem's sales office in Ft. Lauderdale Florida, USA. This service was created for South Florida Sun Users and Customers. It is now being distributed to more than 40 Sun Offices so that they can further distribute SunFlash to their Users and Customers. The types of messages that are posted to SunFlash include: o Sun Press Releases o Sun Product announcements o Sun Promotions o Sun Education Promotions o Sun Federal Promotions o Sun User Groups announcements o Monthly Software Technical Bulletin table of contents o Sun Consulting Specials o USENET articles of interest o 3rd Party Product announcements o Sun-related Trade Rags' Table Of Contents main source of sunflash uunet's mirror of there's two in florida too.