Technical Reports at University of Toronto Department of Computer Science.

This directory contains technical reports issued by the department
of Computer Science at the University of Toronto.  The reports are
available by anonymous ftp from, in the directory

	na - papers by the Numerical Analysis group
	theory - papers by the Theory of Computation group
	neuralnets - papers by the Connectionist group
	csrg - papers by the Computer Systems Research Group

Each subdirectory should contain two files: INDEX, containing
the author and title for each report, and ABSTRACTS, containing the abstracts.
Be sure to use "binary" mode when transferring these files by ftp.

Paper copies of all DCS technical reports are available from:

	General Office
	Dept. of Computer Science
	Sandford Fleming Building
	University of Toronto
	10 King's College Road
	Toronto, Ontario
	Canada M5S 1A4

	Phone: 416-978-6025
	FAX:   416-978-1931

A list of technical report archive sites is posted periodically
to the Usenet newsgroup "comp.doc.techreports".
The subject line is "Computer Science Technical Report Archive Sites".

Note that requests for reprints should be directed to the General
Office (see above).